Kinderpuppy: Puppy 1

Doreen and Jeff with Pattycake
Maddy and Jasmine during puppy playtime

Early puppy training is essential if you want a well-behaved, friendly adult dog. Come to Kinderpuppy for the A to Z on house-training, to teach your puppy good manners and habits from the start, and to prevent your puppy from developing behavior problems like fear and aggression.

For: Puppies 8–16 weeks of age on start date

Length:  8 sessions total ~ 1 Orientation, 6 (six) 45 minute group sessions and 1 one on one session with the instrctor.

When: Tuesday 7 PM

Date: Due to COVID – 19  We are currently only running STAR Puppy classes until further notice.  Anytime! This class is open enrollment, new students must attend orientation before first class.  The orientation session will be set up when you register.

Where:  Your Dog’s Place, Honesdale, PA, (click for map)

Cost:   $140


   First set of puppy vaccinations (please bring proof) Please contact us or register online.

The class covers:

 Puppy parenting 101, including house-training, socialization, chew training, teaching your puppy to enjoy being handled, teaching your puppy to be gentle with her teeth, and preventing problem behaviors. Puppy manners, including sit, stay, and coming when called.

To sign up for a class or get help with your dog’s manners

Online click here or call 570.729.8977 or email us at today.