Countryside Kennels


  • Affordable rates
  • 6 acres of farmland for walks
  • Professional trainer
  • Proficient in canine first aid
  • All-inclusive, no hidden extras


“When we board with Sue, I know my little girl is well cared for. In fact, we don’t think of it as going to the kennel, we go to Aunt Sue’s for vacation.” –Joy M Hollister

“When we know Feenie is in such good hands we’re able to enjoy our trips even more.” –Roger Gill

Give Your Dog A Countryside Experience

Heading out of town for a vacation? Taking a business trip? Need to travel for an emergency?

Being away from home is stressful for any dog—and worse still if your dog is shy, super energetic, a dignified senior, or has medical needs. Well, say good-bye to guilt and worry. We look after your dog so well he might not want to leave. Certainly, he won’t be pining for you, he’ll be too busy walking, playing fetch, or getting belly rubs.

Who We Are

Countryside Kennels at Your Dog’s Place is a small farm in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Set in 6 acres of green hills and meadows, we have been welcoming canine guests for two decades. Here, your dog will be cared for by a professional dog trainer and animal care attendant. Special dietary requirements? No problem. Is medication needed, perhaps by injection? We have you covered.

Countryside Kennels Offers

  • Spacious indoor/outdoor kennels
  • Bedding & toys from home
  • Several daily walks / playtime
  • Administration of any medication
  • Your dog’s own food
  • Personal attention & care
  • Professional animal care attendant

All this—along with a rinse if your dog gets muddy playing in the hills—is included in our rate. No hidden extras, no charges for handing out a treat or throwing a ball around. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about gastric upset or communicable disease. Your dog brings his own food, toys, and bedding.

Hours, Rates, & Policies

By appointment
Boarding Rate:
$25 per night (all-inclusive)
Current vaccination certificate for bordatella, rabies, distemper

To book a boarding spot, or get help with your dog’s manners, call 570.729.8977 or email us at today.

First-time guest?  Download our Boarding Profile here.